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Recently, the financial situation around the world is changed. Due to Corona-Virus that spread among all of the countries even in the Philippines And the big problem that we are facing is personal financial also…. If you are the one that having a job at this time and looking for a legal loan with lower interest why don’t you apply for SSS salary loan?

What is SSS Loan?

SSS, Loan, SSS Loan, Salary Loan Philippines

SSS (The Social Security System) offers 2 types of loans for private employees in the Philippines. 

(1)Salary Loan ーIt depends on each employees’ monthly wages.

(2)Calamity Loan ー People have qualifications when they live in an admitted area that has suffered from natural calamities.  

Who can apply for SSS Salary Loan?

SSS, Loan, SSS Loan, Salary Loan Philippines

Job Type

⑴All currently employed

⑵All currently contributing self-employed

⑶Voluntary member

The applicant never should be received “final” benefits.               Ex: In any case of retirement and death etc

The Age Limits

 The applicant must be under 65 years oldat the time of application


The applicant has never been disqualified by fraud committed against the SSS.

How much I can get for SSS salary loan?

The salary loan amount is decided depends on your month’s worth of salary. Also, there are some types of salary loans, so you can select them. However, at least 72 months of posted contributions and 6 months of contributions will be necessary for the last twelve months.

Which type SSS salary loan I choose?

Check the requirement carefully.

1month loan

The applicant must have 36th month (3 years)  contributions.

 And 6th months of which should be the last 12th months (1year) prior to the month of filling.

2month loan

The member borrower must have 72 months (6 years) contributions.

And 6th months of which should be the last 1year (12th months)  prior to the month of filling.

What do I need as advance preparation?

SSS, Loan, SSS Loan, Salary Loan Philippines

Update The Monthly Contribution

The applicant’s employermust update the latest version in the monthly contribution payment. 

Update The Payments Of Other Loans Acquired

The applicant must update the latest version in the payments of other loans acquired.

 ex: UHLP (the Unified Home Lending Program) housing loans of the government etc…

How to apply for SSS loan?

There are 2ways to apply. You can choose 1 of the better option for you.

Apply as personal

  1. Visit any SSS branch wherever nearest yours
  2. Submit a duly filled-up Member Loan application form

*For Member Loan Application Form, You need

・your SSS ID or E-6 Form

・at least 2 valid IDs with signature *1 of which should be with your recent photo

ex: Unexpired Driver’s License, Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) ID card, Passport, Postal ID, School or Company ID, Tax Identification Number (TIN) card, Seaman’s Book etc…

→More detail is in The SSS official website.

  3. After submitting requirements, it takes 2~3 weeks of loan processing.

  4. Full-time employee: Get your [Loan Check] from your employer

          Self-employed members: Need to pick [Loan Check] up from the branch.

Aapply Online

Apply thru Online is for Registered member on their website.

  1. Apply for SSS salary loan online through the SSS Website

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SSS, Loan, SSS Loan, Salary Loan Philippines

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