Not Your Ordinary Online-Shopping: Try Lazada Loan!

Lazada Loan, Loan, Personal LoanLoan

Lazada Loan, Loan, Personal Loan

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If Online Shopping is Your Thing, Consider a Loan from Lazada!

Lazada Loan, Loan, Personal Loan

Surprisingly, a lot of brands are innovating from time to time and are becoming a greater help to every Filipino. Did you know that some of the e-commerce or online shop has different offerings aside from online shopping? If you’re not aware yet, read this article.

What is Lazada Loan?

Applying and getting a Lazada Loan is basically a “buy now and pay later” but purchase should be made through Lazada app only.

The loan amount will be deposited or released to your Lazada wallet account. With the money inside your wallet account, you can freely add to cart and check out the items you want in Lazada app.

How to Apply for Lazada Loan?

  1. Download Lazada app through Google Playstore or iOS Store.
  2. Double-check and make sure that your Lazada wallet is activated.
  3. Apply and submit your application to any of Lazada accredited lenders.
  4. Once your loan application is approved, wait to receive an SMS and a notification in your Lazada app when the funds have been released to your Lazada Wallet.
For more information about Lazada Loan application, visit Lazada website.

What are the Lazada Loan Benefits?

Lazada Loan, Loan, Personal Loan

If your home or personal needs arises, Lazada Loans can help you settle it. Lazada can offer as high as Php 50,000 loanable amount. However, the loan amount will still vary depending on the lender.

  • Trouble-free Application – No need to leave your home. Just tap the Lazada app and the entire process of application will be done mobile-only.
  • Low-Interest – According to the Lazada website, the lowest interest rate is at 3.98%.
  • High and Fast Approval – Because the application is through mobile use, a high chance and fast approval are guaranteed. It can be as fast as 5 minutes approval or less than 24 hours.
  • Accredited Partners or Lenders –There are more lender options since Lazada has different accredited partners. Apply to more than one lender and try your luck with Lazada’s accredited partners.
  • Installment Plan – Installment plan up to 6 months. This will allow the borrower to save money for repayment.

There are still more benefits in applying and getting a Lazada Loan. However, if you’re applying for a loan, be sure that you will only purchase in their application as the money inside your Lazada wallet is only applicable in Lazada stores or Lazada app.

How To Repay your Lazada Loan?

Lazada Loan, Loan, Personal Loan

If you have a Lazada loan, make sure you review the loan contract between you and your lender. The accredited partner or lender of Lazada accepts bank-to-bank transfer and bill payment centers. Make sure you pay on time to avoid hassle and added interest.

Final Thoughts on Lazada Loan

Lazada Loan, Loan, Personal Loan

Lazada as an online shop or store has become a great help to many Filipinos even before the lockdown happened caused by pandemic or CoVid-19.

In these times, getting out of your house to purchase personal or home stuff is no longer advisable due to risk. If your preferred item can be found in Lazada e-commerce or online shop but you lack the budget, try Lazada Loan. Lazada Loan has different products and good payment terms.

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