Where to Buy Second Hand Cars Online

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Online shopping has redefined the way consumers shop. One can purchase almost anything imaginable online – pantry items, home décor, plants, hardware tools & fixtures, etc.

Nowadays, even shopping for used cars can be done online! By visiting buy-and-sell car websites, you can get an extensive list of available second-hand cars in a matter of minutes! Choose the best deal from the list and contact the seller to negotiate. It’s that easy! No need to hop from one dealer shop to another to haggle for the best price.

Here is a list of buy-and-sell car websites that you can visit:

Where to Buy Second Hand Cars Online


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Carmudi website allows customers to buy and sell cars through their website. One can be assured that the vehicles for sale online in Carmudi have been carefully selected and inspected.

Buyers can download a vehicle inspection report for free – this shows the components that passed quality checks and which parts are recommended for repair or replacement.

Carmudi website makes it easy for you to find your car as you can filter your search by price range, make & model, transmission, fuel type, mileage, and condition.

Photo Source: https://www.facebook.com/CarmudiPH/


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Tsikot has been around since the early 2000s and is one of the popular use car websites in the Philippines. It offers a comprehensive listing of new and used cars for sale. Apart from cars, it also features motorcycles, car parts, and car services such as car wash, car rentals, repair, window tint, etc.

Searching for second-hand cars is made easy –simply search by keyword, make & model, body type, price range, and location in the Philippines. You can even sort the vehicles based on price, mileage, vehicle year, and even by most popular posts. Tsikot website can also give a detailed comparison of the vehicles’ exterior parts, interior parts, and other components.

Photo Source: https://www.tsikot.com/


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With AutoDeal, you can browse brand-new and second-hand car listings from certified sellers. Car buyers are given a more simplified process of purchasing cars. You can search for both brand new and used cars, and then compare these to other vehicles. It has an online tool that compares prices, monthly payments, mileage, and vehicle specs.

You can request quotations from second-hand car dealers through the site. No response from the dealer? No worries because AutoDeal customer support team can help you get the dealer to reply within 48 hours!

Photo Source: https://www.autodeal.com.ph/


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AutoMart is the trusted site for repossessed and used cars. With AutoMart, customers will get an affordable used car because no premium fee is charged to car buyers.

Customers can choose from thousands of cars in the inventory at low prices. This is because the cars in the inventory are repossessed cars which the banks need to let go of.

AutoMart has a slew of highly experienced sales advisers who are available to help their customers at every step of their buying process.

Photo Source: https://automart.ph/


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Philkotse offers a thousand new listings posted every day. The used car listing includes a detailed description of the car, history, and its current condition. It also has information on payments, down payments, and monthly installments.

The site has a car comparison feature that allows you to compare up to three vehicles according to price, monthly payments, condition, mileage, and specs.

Philkotse is also one of the leading portals for vehicle classified ads. It has a comprehensive database so that car buyers and sellers can easily do their transactions online.

Photo Source: https://www.facebook.com/philkotse/


second hand cars for sale, used car for sale philippines, 2nd hand cars

Zigwheels is a dedicated website for cars and is one of the newcomers in the online car selling business. On the website, customers can look at the full information on cars for sale, both new and used. You can easily filter your search by price range , make, year, model, and vehicle type.

Zigwheels also offer car promotions, dealer information, car reviews, and more.

Photo Credit: https://www.zigwheels.ph/

Final Thoughts

With these websites, there will be less trouble when it comes to running out of options. Each website has thousands of cars in its inventory. Shop thoroughly, verify the accuracy and legitimacy, and choose wisely!

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