Is Citibank Simplicity+ Card the right credit card for you?


Get to Know Citibank Simplicity + Card

Citibank Simplicity + Card is the “card that keeps it simple”. Looking at its product features, it seems that this credit card can live up to its promise. So if you’re someone who wants to do simple and affordable shopping, this might be the right card for you.

  • 10% interest back. You get 10% interest back on interest charges when you pay at least the minimum due on or before the due date.
  • No annual fees . Enjoy using your credit card more because the annual fees is free for life.
  • No Late Payment feesNo need to worry when you don’t make it on time. Citibank Simplicity Fees don’t charge late payment fees.
  • No deposit account with Citi is required.

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Check if you are Qualified

  • Must be 21 years old and above
  • Must have an active landline or mobile phone number
  • Must have an annual income of Php 180,000 (For those with principal credit card)
  • Must have an annual income of Php 250,000 For those without principal credit card)

Make sure to have these documents ready

For those with existing principal credit card

  • 1 valid ID with photos such as TIN, SSS, GSIS or UMID
  • Proof of income  
    • latest payslip or latest BIR 2316, with a BIR stamp or signed by your employer’s authorized representative
    • original and signed COE (should indicate the status of your employment, length of service, and compensation)
    • bank statement of your payroll account (should show your one month salary)

For those without principal credit card

  • 1 valid ID with photos such as TIN, SSS, GSIS or UMID

What are the bank fees & charges

  • Annual Fee: FREE
  • Late Charge: NONE
  • Overlimit charge: NONE
  • Interest Rate: 2.00%
  • Foreign Transaction Fee: 3.235% on the converted Peso amount (represents Citibank’s service charge and assessment fee charged by Mastercard / Visa)
  • Citi Cash Advance: 2.04% (inclusive of the Citi Cash Advance service charge)
  • Card Replacement Fee: Php 400 for each lost or stolen card

Things You Need To Know

How do I open a Citi Simplicity + Card?

It’s so easy. Click here

What are the other benefits of Citi Simplicity + Card?

  • Balance Transfer fee
  • Cash Advance fee
  • Foreign Purchase Transaction Fee
  • Returned Payment Fee

Other Important Info Once You Have Your Citi Simplicity + Card

  • You need to activate your credit card before using it.
  • You can pay for your purchases through a contactless-enabled payment terminal so you can be assured of secure transactions.
  • For lost or stolen cards, you need to report it to CitiPhone at (02) 8995-9999.


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