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Shopping made easy!

Abenson, Home Credit, Loan, Gadgets, Appliances

Nowadays, shopping is easier because of credit card, debit card, and loans. Did you know that you can actually shop in Abenson without the need to shell out a huge amount of cash? All thanks to Home Credit!

What is Abenson

Abenson is a one-stop-shop
for home appliances, gadgets, mobile phones, and home furniture. Abenson has more than 120 stores that can be found in different and popular malls in the Philippines.

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Where to Shop or Locate Abenson

Abenson, Home Credit, Loan, Gadgets, Appliances


For easy appreciation and comparison of the price and brand for gadgets, furniture, and appliances, it is best that you visit their store. Always remember to ask for promo, discount, or freebies if available.


Abenson has an online shop where you can freely add to cart your chosen item. You may also opt to have it pick up or deliver at your doorsteps.

Note: Be sure to always check the specifications of the gadgets or appliances you will purchase.

What is Home Credit Loan

Abenson, Home Credit, Loan, Gadgets, Appliances

Image source: Abenson Philippines Website

Home Credit Loan allows you to buy any product or consumer good in affordable monthly installments instead of paying the full price in one transaction.

Resource: Home Credit

For more information about Home Credit, read this article:  Home Credit Philippines Loan? You can apply personal loan easier than you think!

How does Home Credit Work in Abenson: In-Store

Home Credit believes that home improvements and upgrade on personal gadgets are necessary.With Home Credit, you can easily shop and choose the item you want in Abenson. Monthly installments and no credit card needed!

Process of Home Credit: In-store

  1. Have a deal with the Abenson sales agent and discuss with your Home Credit advisor
  2. Fill out the application form
  3. Provide 2 Valid Government Issued IDs
  4. Agree and approve the installment plans of Home Credit
  5. Wait for your loan approval

Process of Home Credit through Abenson Website

If add-to-cart is your habit, prefers to scroll and check the items online, follow these steps:

  1. Select your item and click the Home Credit Financing option at
  2. Fill out the home credit application form and get the results via email within 24 hours
  3. Present the confirmation email together with two (2) valid IDs at your preferred Abenson store
  4. Settle down payment instore and bring home your appliance

Pros and Cons of In-store and Online Home Credit Loan Application

Abenson, Home Credit, Loan, Gadgets, Appliances

Image source: Home Credit PH

In-store Application

  • Pros: Easy comparison of brands, price, and product testing. Easy application and approval of Home Credit.
  • Cons: Waiting for approval may take time due to approval of Home Credit or queuing.

Online Application

  • Pros: Easy to check the items but testing of products will be in a different day. Easy application for Home Credit.
  • Cons: Approval of Home Credit may take 24 hours.

Final Thoughts

Abenson, Home Credit, Loan, Gadgets, Appliances

Getting your ideal houseware or gadgets through a loan application is also a good decision. There’s no shame in applying for a loan if you know that you’re a responsible buyer and borrower.

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