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Did you know that Land Bank doesn’t only entertain and provide loans to government employees but to private employees and self-employed as well?

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The Land Bank of the Philippines is a government financial institutionthat strikes a balance in fulfilling its social mandate of promoting countryside development while remaining financially viable.

Land Bank is already 57 years in the service, building its reputation and credibility not only in Metro Manila but in the Philippines.

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Most Common Loans offered by Land Bank

Just like any banks and other financial institutions, Land Bank has various loans program to choose from:

Easy Home Loan

Easy Home Loan assists the borrower to purchase or construct their dream house. It can also help existing homeowners to refinance their current and existing home loan from other banks. The minimum loanable amount for this program is Php 500,000 and should qualify the requirements or criteria of Landbank.

Business Loan

Landbank offers assistance to entrepreneurs who wish to build and expand their own businesses. This program can also help them to purchase additional machinery and equipment needed, finance permanent working capital arising from the expanded operation, and to finance various projects.

Different Types of Self-employed Loans

LandBank helps the borrower to meet its financial needs in agribusiness. It can be for additional capital, production increase, or operational expansion.

Loans for Farmers

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There are various programs under the Farmers loan offered by Landbank.

  1. Sulong Saka– The Sulong Saka Program aims to provide credit assistance to farmers cultivating high-value crops such as banana, cacao, etc.
  2. Agricultural Competitiveness Enhancement Fund (ACEF) – The ACEF Lending Program aims to provide necessary credit to farmers and fisherfolk and their cooperatives and associations and micro and small enterprises to increase their productivity; and to establish an agricultural lending program that enhances the competitiveness of target project beneficiaries or sectors especially the small farmers and fisherfolk.

  3. Arise-ARB – This program aims to make available financing support for disaster affected ARBs/SFHs and their families to restore livelihood and farming activities.
  4. DA Sikat Saka Program – The Sikat Saka I and II Program offers a direct credit window from LANDBANK and integrated support from the Department of Agriculture to small palay farmers to improve their creditworthiness and the viability of crop production.
  5. Palay ng Lalawigan – PALAY ng Lalawigan is a joint program of LANDBANK and the Department of Agriculture (DA) that aims to assist provincial/city/municipal local government units (LGUs) purchase the palay produced by local farmers to help cushion the effects of the drop in the farm gate price of palay in the regions.
  6. EPAHP – provide credit assistance to qualified CBOs in support of the government’s efforts to help mitigate hunger, ensure food and nutrition security, and reduce poverty in urban and rural communities including the marginalized ones

Source: Landbank Website

Loans for Fisher

  1. Agricultural and Fishers Financing Program – The LANDBANK Agricultural and Fisheries Financing Program (AFFP) provides small farmers with fishers access to formal credit to finance their economic activities.
  2. Agricultural Credit Support Project – Contributing to the National Government’s goal of poverty reduction, the Agricultural Credit Support Project
  3. Pagsasakang Pantubig – Pagsasakang Pantubig strengthens the value chain of fishery, mariculture, aquaculture, and supporting economic activities.
For more information about Farmers and Fisher loan, visit this website.

Different purpose in applying for Loan

There a lot of reasons why you can consider applying for a Land Bank Loan:

  • Purchase of Lot / House and Lot / Townhouse / Condominium Unit / Other Residential Unit
  • Construction of Residential Building on Borrower-Owned Lot
  • Refinancing of Housing Loans with Other Banks
  • Enhancing or upgrading your own business

How to Apply for a Loan

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Applying for a loan through an online or Land Bank website is super easy. Just follow these steps:

  • Fill out the form in Landbank Official Website
  • Attach your 1 x 1 Photo
  • Add your co-borrower info details
  • Specify your collateral
  • Indicate your monthly income and expenses
  • Choose your preferred loan

Final Thoughts

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Getting a loan from Landbank is safe, convenient, and easy. Whether you are a private borrower or a government employee, Landbank will surely assist and provide financial assistance for your personal needs.

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