BDO Credit Card Application 101


Keen on a BDO credit card application? Find out more about it here.

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Once you have decided which BDO credit card fits your lifestyle and needs, it is now time to find out what it takes to prepare for a BDO credit card application. Eligibility, documents, bank fees, and charges are just some of the things you might need to know.

Check if you’re qualified

  • Must be 21- 70 years old
  • Must be a Filipino citizen or a foreigner residing in the Philippines for the last 2 years
  • Must have an active landline (office or residence) or mobile phone number
  • Must have the required annual income:
    1. BDO ShopMore Mastercard: Php 260,000
    2. Standard Mastercard: Php 260,000
    3. BENCH Mastercard: Php 260,000
    4. Gold Mastercard: Php 420,000
    5. Titanium Mastercard: Php 420,000
    6. Visa Classic: Php 260,000
    7. Visa Gold: Php 420,000
    8. Visa Platinum: Php 420,000

Required Documents for BDO credit card application

bdo credit card application, bdo credit card, how to apply for bdo credit card

For those with existing cards

  • Photocopy of latest BIR Form 2316 and Certificate of Employment (COE) or latest payslip
  • Photocopy of last 2 months’ credit card statement of account
  • 1 Valid ID with photo

For those without existing cards

Employed Individuals
  • Photocopy of latest BIR 2316 signed by employer’s authorized representative
  • Original copy of COE and Income (COEI) indicating status, length if service and compensation
  • Photcopy of latest full month payslip
Self Employed Individuals
  • Photocopy of Business Name Registration
  • Photocopy of latest ITR and W4 with BIR / bank stamp
  • Audited Financial Statements (AFS) for the last 2 years
  • Bank statements for the last 3 months

Bank Fees and Charges

  • Annual Fee: Php 1,500- Php 5,000
  • Interest Rate: 2.00%
  • Cash Advance Fee: 5% of the amount withdrawn or Php 500 / USD10, whichever is higher
  • Late Payment Fee: up to 7% of the overdue amount
  • Card Replacement Fee: Php 400 for every card replacement

Things You Need To Know

bdo credit card application, bdo credit card, how to apply for bdo credit card

How do I apply for a BDO credit card?

It’s so easy. Go to the BDO official website to select your preferred card.  

How do I find out if my BDO card application was approved?

You can find out the status of your application by using the BDO official website online service.

Other Important Information

  • You need to immediately sign at the back of the card for security purposes.
  • Always check the details of your Statement of Account. Any error may be reported to BDO Customer Contact Center at 8631-8000
  • To avoid penalties, you need to pay your credit card bills on time.
  • For lost or stolen cards, immediately report it to BDO Customer Contact Center at 8631-8000
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