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Make it easier to pay your Maynilad Water Bills?

Maynilad PH,Maynilad Water Bills, Maynilad Online Payment

Maynilad introduces the easiest to check your water bill consumption thru the “Maynilad Water Online”. To make sure that you are paying your water bill to Maynilad they introduce also Online Payment thru banks, Gcash, Paymaya, etc. Now you can easily pay your water bills. No more hassle to go outside.

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How to register My Water Bill Portal?

The specific procedure

Maynilad PH,Maynilad Water Bills, Maynilad Online Payment

By registering to My Water Bill Portal you must need to do the following step by step.

  1. Go to My Water Bill Portal.
  2. Click the “Enroll Now”(As you can see in the picture below).
  3. Proceed to the next step to read and understand the “Terms and Condition” .Then click the box to “Agree”.
  4. After the Terms and Conditions, put your “Maynilad Contract Number”. You can find this number in the first column of your Maynilad water bill.
  5. Create “your own password”, then choose what “image” you want. It will be displayed during you the log-in process.

Maynilad PH,Maynilad Water Bills, Maynilad Online Payment

6. Enter your “contact information”.

  • Email Address
  • Re-Type Email Address
  • Mobile Number
  • Alternate Mobile Number

7. After you register the account information, wait for the code they sent to the mobile number you provided.

8. Last Step!! Enter the code it was sent to you. Now you can Log In to your Account.  And let’s get started!!

The Account overview

Now you are successfully logged in! The main menu of your Maynilad account to be displayed like this↓↓

Maynilad PH,Maynilad Water Bills, Maynilad Online Payment

The account overview will show the following:

  • Service information details
  • Bill and Payment History
  • Meter Readings
  • Consumption Chart
  • Billing Summary
Also, you can download your Maynilad bill by clicking the “Download PDF”button.
If you want to overview your previous water billing, just look for the “Billing Period” then click the “update” button.
Now it’s time to pay your Maynilad water bill by pressing the payment option! Then select your preferred bank and it will be directed to the bank’s website.
Photo Source: Maynilad PH

How to register via SMS subscription

For customers who have limited or no access to the internet, there’s a way to have your monthly billing to Maynilad Water Bill by register via SMS.
  1. Text “Maynilad (space) ON (space) CAN (space) Account Name”
  2. Send to 09191626000.

Example: Maynilad ON 51334514 Andres Bonifacio

How to register for Guided Enrollment

If you have a hard time enrolling you’re My Water Bill online, there is the easiest step you can do!

  1. Register your water bill by calling the Maynilad customer service at 1626.
  2. Message them via Facebook Page or Twitter Account.

Note: You just need to provide your mobile number or email address by proceeding to the My Water Bill registration.

How to pay Maynilad Bill Online?

Now will teach you how to pay your Maynilad Water Bill Online through Bank.

  1. Choose your preferred bank.
  2. Log in to your Online Bank to proceed with the payment
  3. Select the “Pay Bills.”
  4. Choose your “bank account” and you need to enter “the amount” you want to pay.
  5. Select “Maynilad” from the list of billers.
  6. Enter your “account information”.
  7. Review your payment transaction details.
  8. Now you can submit your Maynilad bill payment.
  9. Enter the one-time PIN (OTP) sent to your mobile number.

Payment via Gcash

If you want to do the payment via online service, you can select the payment method “via GCash”. Let’s get Start!

  1. Log in to your GCash Account.
  2. Click the “Pay Bills to your GCash Account”.
  3. Look for the Water Utilities then choose the “Maynilad Water”.
  4. Type your “Account Name“, amount then email address to be sent the receipts.
  5. Review your payment details by pressing the next bottom then confirm.

Note: You will receive a text message and an email from Gcash for your payment.

Final Thoughts

Maynilad PH,Maynilad Water Bills, Maynilad Online Payment

This guide will help you on how you can easy to pay your Maynilad Water Bill. And be updated to your latest Maynilad Water Bill. You can now do it these step-by-step!

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