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A Simple Guide for Teacher Loan. Let’s Get Started!

A teacher Loan is a salary advance offered by different banks or financial institutions, allowing them to cover their monthly expenses in the city if their salary is delayed. This financial aid prevents any negative impact on your savings by covering your monthly money requirements.
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OWWA Loan Starter Guide: Your Paved Way Toward Financial Liberty

Just like swiping your credit card in the teller machine, applying for an OFW Loan needs a wise and careful decision. Remember to educate yourself in OWWA's policy, terms, and conditions prior to applying for a loan. 

Free Annual Fees Forever? Yes, You Can with Citi Rewards Card!

Planning to get a credit card but not keen on annual fees? Well, Citibank Rewards Card has a welcome offer to new Citi cardholders.
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Take Advantage of Your Benefits with GSIS! Apply for a Loan Today!

Applying for a GSIS loan is one of your privileges as a long-time contributor and member. Remember to weigh in your decisions in applying for a loan and know the purpose of your application.
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Different Places you can eat Korean Samgyupsal BBQ

Korean Samgyupsal BBQ will surely be enjoyed by eating at the best restaurant here in the Philippines.

Is Study Now, Pay Later Possible? Check this Landbank Program Now.

Landbank's Study Now, Pay Later is good news and very helpful not only to parents but also to kids wanting to continue their academics.

“RFC Loan” for Your Money Needs. No Need to Visit a Bank!

Applying for a loan shouldn't make you feel shy or intimidated. Be sure with your goal and purpose of applying for a loan. With the help of RFC Loan, meeting your personal, business or travel needs is just one click or application away. 
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13th Month Pay in the Philippines: What is it?

In the Philippines, there exists a bonus called a "13th Month Pay". This pay is when employers give their employees an extra month's pay at the end of the year.
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Lazada Loans Guide: Easy Online Shopping!

With online shopping recently developing in the Philippines, people have been demanding more and more material goods. Of course, not everyone can buy them, so Lazada is offering a short-term loan where shoppers can borrow money to buy more!
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